Lukas Simianer Full Stack Developer

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Software & Tools:

MySql Workbench, Robo3t, AWS & MongoDb Cluster, Firebase, Agile Methodology, Scrum Methodology, Microsoft Office Suite, Slack, GitBash, GitHub & Heroku, Trello.

Languages & Plug-ins:

React.JS, Node.JS, Javascript, MongoDB, MySql, Angular.JS, Handlebars, Express-React, Express, NPM, Yarn, MVC, Passport, Sequelize, CSS3, SASS, HTML5,

Specialized skills:

Utilizing Sequelize or vanilla JavaScript to query API’s full functionality and integrate them into an application. MongoDB || MySql || Firebase input and retrieval, and MySql query development and integration.

Primary Projects


React Memory

  • a memory game made with react
  • React, CSS and, JSX

Test your memory here

View demo

Tucks Lifting

  • I challeneged myself to build a basic react front end within 6 hours
  • This is the result

Pass judgement on the 6 hour project here

View Here

BR Physique

  • Paypal developer Integrations for payment
  • Front end focused
  • Paid Project

BR Physiques

View Here

React.JS Gallery

  • A react app utilizing springs.js to make a fun card deck.

React Card Gallery

Check it Out

University of Texas at Austin Bootcamp Graduate

I graduated from the only Fullstack Developer bootcamp in Texas with curriculum approved by the University's computer science department.


Ability to perform under stress and learn fast

I joined the Army at 17 and became a paratrooper. Though I'm glad those days are done, I still hold tight to the discipline and drive instilled in me. I perform, not just when its clutch or a deadline is close.


More than just a developer

Presidential Medal for civic honrs while in College.


Work Ethic and Dedication

With over 700 meaningful commits It's easy to see that being a developer is more than a job for me. This is a passion that I couldnt be more grateful to have found. My favorite aspect this field is the non-stop learning.

New & in progress projects



  • Full Stack Application
  • Node, React, MongoDB, AWS
  • An active project I'm pushing to market

Revolutionizing the way you hire junior software engineers

Test on the skills you need at the level you want instead of missing good junior talent.

View demo

React Tetris

  • Using React.js, hooks, and ES6 to build a Tetris game
  • EST completion 8/25/2019

Not completed yet, check my progress in the repo.

View the Repository!

Play Here


  • TBA

Python data structure use case

  • Mobile First Design
  • A way for you to know a bit more about me and see my skills with Python.

Details TBA, will showcase new language outside of the MERN stack.